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Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life!

FitKick Cardio


Fast paced rythmic workout with upbeat music using techniques taken from the Martial Arts. FitKick cardio gets your heart rate up to a healthy fat-burning level while building your coordination. FitKick Cardio is a part of almost every class.

FitKick Focus Pads

Focus Pads

Learn to focus your energy and hit your target! Kicking works your abdominal muscles, strengthening your core and punching works all of your upper body. Focus pad workouts build strength and endurance.



Combining weight resistance with controlled movement strengthening muscles, bones and tendons, while burning calories and fat.

FitKick Balls And Stretching


Stretching is a very important component of every FitKick class! Stretching helps reduce soreness and muscle fatigue. Stretching helps break down lactic acid produced from working out. Stretching also helps regulate blood flow, and helps increase your flexibility.

FitKick Bag Workouts


Punching and kicking techniques on bags builds strength and power. Learning correct techniques while relieving stress and burning hundreds of calories make our bag workouts a favorite for many. 

FitKick Bands And Medicine Ball Workouts

Medicine Balls, Resistance Bands And More

At FitKick classes we use various tools to increase strength of bones, muscles and tendons, while we burn calories and build coordination. Resistance bands tone the muscles without building bulk. Medicine balls add some weight resistance to the program which strengthens bones, muscles and tendons.

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